Shared Spaces is a vertical studio for the collaborative 
and educational design efforts benefiting the LGBTQ
youth community of South Bronx, New York. The space
aims to emulate a safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment
for the students, youth, and community to move towards a
more accepting society.

Nasim Lahbichi ~ Designer

Strategy • Visual Design • Concept •  Interior Design

Skills Used
Hand Sketching • Adobe CC •  AutoCAD •  Sketchup •  VRAY

What is SharedSpaces: A Vertical Studio?
SharedSpaces’ is a downtown community outreach facility of the Interior Design Department of State University. SharedSpaces’ is a collaborative educational environment where current and future interior designers - high school students, college students, educators and professionals – have the opportunity to come together and create a vertical learning environment that uses community outreach to find solutions for local design challenges of homelessness amongst LGBTQ youth in the Bronx. Along with proposing design solutions for the local community, the space will also foster the opportunity to benefit the local community through outreach and informative processes. 
Conceptualization and Brainstorming
The design intent of SharedSpaces begins with an open floor plan that allows for seamless communication between the students using the space; creating an environment conducive to collaboration. Color palettes used throughout the studio will reference the cultures of both the LGBTQ and NYC/Bronx community.  An array of muted hues of red, blue, and yellow will contrast against the simplistic choice of finishes along structural walls and barriers. Exposed brick along the southern wall of the space will also be representative of the traditional brick seen throughout NYC. Besides being an open space for collaboration, the studio will be flexible in use, allowing for multiple programmatic activities to be pursued within one space.
Space Allocation
SharedSpaces’ studio will utilize specific adjacencies (both vertically and horizontally) to ensure that the two story structure provide's and fits all the needs of the vertical studio participants, it’s clients, and the public. The design intent is to have a separation of space; to implement a studio with a sense of privacy with visual and auditory connection along the upper floors. The first floor aims to serve as a congregation space, as well as, one to inform, inspire, and endure the public. The second floor serves as a educational and workplace environment for the student's and faculty.
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